William Wong
Teaching Crew

My teaching Style
I teach from a place of compassion and my classes have a playful yet grounding nature as I aim to enrich my students mentally, physically and emotionally. I like to teach holistic classes that help to strengthen the body, calm the mind and uplift the spirit and enjoy weaving in a story or some yogic philosophy provided it is relevant and relatable. I am also guilty of cracking the occasional lame joke here and there!

About Me
I was born and bred in Melbourne and love everything about it except for the weather. My mum is from Taiwan and Dad is from Hong Kong. My dad teaches Tai Chi, most of my family follow Buddhism, and my grandparents are Chinese doctors and acupuncturists in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. They have all influenced my upbringing in their own ways and contributed to my passions, interests and teaching style.
I like to think I am generally a cheerful, easy-going person with a caring, considerate nature. I was brought up to be polite, well-mannered and respectful towards my elders. I was drawn to Yoga at a time when I needed it the most. Growing up, everything was always planned for me or handed to me on a silver platter. Whilst I lived a very privileged and fortunate childhood and adolescence, I had little independence and really didn’t know who I was until after finishing University. Yoga helped me to discover who I am and what I want out of this lifetime. To this day, what I have learned through my studies of yoga and self-practice continue to help me tremendously on and off the mat.

Guilty Pleasure
Wearing “meggings” without shorts on top…in public #sorrynotsorry

Favorite Destination
Anywhere with sun, sea and sand where I can just swim, sleep and sunbake all day long

Favorite song
"This Is Me" - The Greatest Showman.