Tiffany Chandler
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
Each of our teachers take inspiration from their lineage of yoga and personal practise when designing their classes, so this is a little bit more about how I uniquely deliver each style of class:

Mellow Hum: For more gentle styles I usually start with light movement either lying down or seated. Variations of Surya Namascars will be used (knees chest chin, or lower down into bhujangasana). It will still incorporate postures you might see in a unified class, with slight alterations for less intensity as well as use of props to support and allow for longer holds without strain. Ending with restorative postures and supported savasana. 

Unified Hum: This will be more or less an open style class incorporating Surya Namascar, Standing Postures, Twisting Postures, Forward Folding Postures, Back-bending Postures, and Inversion Postures. Variations will be given for more or less intensity depending upon the students’ predilection and capacity. Props will be used to create space and opportunity to move into asanas with detailed focus on alignment.

Dynamic Hum: Not dissimilar to Unified, but with more intensity and a faster pace. Breath and alignment will always be the structure to support exploration, however here we will be exploring deeper variations of a wide variety of asanas. Strengthening postures will be used to support inversion and arm balance practices which can be expected in each class. 

About me
Yoga means union. Yes, we have been told. Union also means integration; being fully connected to all the parts of ourselves and our life experiences without exception. Only through this radical kind of self-acceptance are we able to experience true freedom (ie. relaxation). Asana is the lens through which we view our internal world. By becoming aware of our physical habits, through form, we are able to identify more clearly the habits of the mind, which either promote or prevent optimal states of well-being and ease. With this awareness comes the potential to completely transform; from the physical body, to the emotional and psychological mind, to the more subtle, energetic aspects of our being. I encourage students to approach this fascinating path of self-discovery with great tenderness, playfulness, and curiosity, for the benefit of one's self and of all living beings.

Guilty Pleasure
Pasta and plants, my house is filled with both

Why we love yoga
It touches heaven and earth, it is divinity in physical form, it is totally mundane and completely celestial

Favorite Destination
The one I haven't been to yet.