Sarah Park
Teaching Crew

My teaching style:  
My aim is for my students to feel a deeper connection to themselves and to slow down! With the emphasis of alignment and longer holds in my classes I want people to develop that connection with their own bodies, to really feel. With a more nurturing approach I draw upon the importance of not placing expectations but to remind each other that it is a practice. We are here to connect more, feel more, and most importantly love more

About me:  
For someone who comes across as an extrovert I would happily say that I am also an introvert. I love to socialise and interact with people, but at the same time I appreciate being at home by myself happily reading a book with a cup of tea or even just playing around on my yoga mat. I love being out in nature, traveling, eating great food with a glass of red surrounded by friends and family. I’m a curious person, asking questions, especially the deeper questions about life and spirituality. I feel it’s my duty here in this lifetime to teach and to serve and I have found my channel and that is through yoga.

Guilty Pleasure:
When I find an amazing TV series and watch back to back episodes and don’t leave the house 

Why I teach yoga:
I knew how yoga helped me so much off the mat that I wanted to be able to give this feeling to others. With a world that is moving faster and faster I want to remind and encourage people to slow down and to take that time to reconnect to themselves again.  

Favorite quote:
“Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love.” – Francis of Assisi