Rowan Brunt
Studio Manager

About Me:
Originally from central NSW on a property I packed my bags and moved to the city to study a BA of Musical Theatre. A massive theatre nerd and dreamer, I am always looking for the next way we can challenge what art can say about the human experience. I came to yoga from my dance background as a way to stretch and sweat more but found only after embracing meditation and pranayama, that I really started seeing change and creating a consistent practice.

I am a romantic Pisces with a love for plants, coffee and cooking delicious food.

Where you’ll find me when I’m not at Humming Puppy:
When I am not at Humming Puppy you’ll find me sprawled across the inner west of Sydney either; attending a dance class (ballet or musical theatre), enjoying a wine in the foyer of a theatre, going to the gym and sweating up a storm or drinking copious amounts of coffees with friends.

Guilty Pleasure:
If we are talking about food it would most definitely be a delicious Viet Pho or otherwise podcasts, my favorites are A Balancing Act, Built for the Stage and Where do we begin?

Favourite Destination:
Somewhere that’s green!!! My parent’s farm is great for an urban detox or opposite end of the scale abroad London or New York City for the weird and wonderful humans that live there creating weird and wonderful things.

I’m passionate about…
People. How we all work within the world, how that adds up to the bigger picture and how we can build each other to be the best version of ourselves. Oh and did I mention theatre.