Rose Louey
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
My style of flow is similar to that of dancing. Creative sequencing is a joy of mine- by combining intelligent movement and imagination; my aim is to explore the way in which we find space for ourselves.  The simple act of moving, breathing and observing the bodies response is what I love most- gentle inquiry into how energy is cultivated for us in the body and how this affects our loving response to ourselves and others.

What interests me is how we manipulate this energy using breath awareness to guide ourselves into the most loving versions of ourselves. My joy is to hold space for this. 

By cultivating space to be insightful and curious, I hope to inspire students to explore their bodies capacity to move and evolve within a held environment. 

About Me
I am an artist in the true sense that I apply creativity to most things I do. I endeavour to be either making, painting, filming, styling, merchandising, directing or teaching whenever I can. I love to create worlds and that happens on paper, in front of the lens; or with found objects/ clothes. I think if I had to describe this ambition it would be to continue to evolve the mundane into mystifying new realms. If I am not creating I am with my baby girl Margot Lyra; and if I am not doing either of these things I am swimming or reading. Both have a lyricism to them.

Guilty Pleasure?
Spending a lot of time sourcing Vintage designer threads online. I like to collect clothes from another wonderful life- guilty amounts of French and Belgian labels in there. I think the guilt comes from the amount of time I am on Vestiare Collective- squinting at it in the dark instead of reading a book.  

When I’m not teaching yoga you’ll find me:
Walking the pram alongside the sea with Margot listening to any BBC podcast; this is my happy place.