Myda El-Maghrabi
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
I aim to always teach from the heart, and, as is the nature of the heart, anything can happen!  The theme might be as specific and anatomical as the relationship between the inner knee and outer hip or it can be as broad and conceptual as what does gratitude feel like in the body. With formal training in Vinyasa and Anusara Yoga and studies in Iyengar Yoga, Functional Anatomy and Meditation, I seek to create classes that are challenging, accessible and fun, both physically and philosophically.

About me
Number one thing about me: I hate writing or talking about me.  I much prefer listening to others, in any format - conversation, literature, podcasts.  I love re-discovering how amazing the world, its bounties, its people and their countless talents, skills and ideas are.  And NYC, from its opera singers in the subway, to its baseball fans in its stadiums, is the perfect place to discover again and again how truly wondrous it all is - of course, trying to get on the subway when said opera singers, baseball fans and everyone else is trying to get on is a whole other kind of wondrous :)

Favorite Destination
The mountains (the higher the better)

Favorite Quote
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj: Love says I am everything. Wisdom says I am nothing.  Between the two, my life flows.

Pose that you hope is possible in this lifetime
Levitation :) Otherwise, I’ll go for pressing up to handstand- almost the same thing as levitation in my mind.