Molly Addison
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style

Something slow and nourishing, everything is slowed right down as a parallel to everything else that surrounds us. My classes are designed for an all over service of the body and time and space in which to re-connect and really feel whatever it is thats going on in your body on that very moment. 

Each of our teachers take inspiration from their lineage of yoga and personal practice when designing their classes, so this is a little bit more about how I uniquely deliver each style of class:

Mellow: A subtle shift into nervous system nourishment. Classes are designed so that the student can tap into the energetic systems in the body. Drawing on Daoist yin principles and myofascial release to move deeper with time and space so that practitioner can walk out feeling clearer, calmer & lighter. 

Unified: Moving with grace and ease. The classes are catered to all, from the beginner to the advanced yogi. Drawing on hatha teachings, we’ll use traditional postures to salute the sun and moon finding balance in mind, body and soul. 

Dynamic: Cultivating patience through persistence. A dynamic classes will stoke the agni, the fire from within moving towards more challenging postures with a sense of playfulness and fun.

About Me
I live to smile and hope those around me are smiling too... if they're not I like to coax one out of them. Thus, a bit of playtime is an everyday necessity. I am incredibly inquisitive about the physical body, curious to the subtle body, energetic channels, vital force and the mind body connection. As an old naturopathy student my love for learning and connecting with nature runs pretty deep. 
Favorite yoga posture/asana?
That is one of the wonderful things about asana. The longer you stay in the relationship, what used to be your favourite isn’t, it’s a constant exploration. Some days my favourite pose is the one that is most physically challenging for my body, because I love the thrill of trying for it. Then other days I just want to lay on myself in Pashimottanasana.

Why I love yoga…
As Richard Freeman would say “yoga will ruin your life.. it will ruin your samsaric life, because once you get a taste of yoga you kind of lose interest in all the things that are dimmer reflections of that taste…you’re tested by flying because of those ridiculously designed seats, you can't buy shoes, because your feet need space to spread out, your sense of fashion is completely destroyed because half the day you’re in yoga clothes anyway.. yoga almost ruins your competitive edge, because you feel so nice when you do it, you’re less tend to like people more, you get to the root experience that all these religions are striving for in a very generic human way”. That in a nut-shell sums it up for me, it’s allowed me to care less about materialism and a lot more about the contentment of the skin I’m in & others. 

When I’m not teaching, you’ll find me…
By the sea or by a tree.