Misch Kate
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
I love exploring the senses to reignite your own connection to body, mind & spirit. Expect to be drawn into your body through movement & connect deeply to your breath. I invite you to take some time to go inside & have you leave feeling closer to yourself as well as the world around you. 

Each of our teachers take inspiration from their lineage of yoga and personal practice when designing their classes, so this is a little bit more about how I uniquely deliver each style of class:

Mellow: A deeply relaxing practice exploring breath, gentle movement, yin asana, meditation & yoga nidra. With utmost respect to the time of day, season, lunar cycle - a restorative offering embracing softness & surrender. 

Unified: A steady practice that is meditation in action. Through a blend of pranayama & asana, you make this class what you need it too be. Choose to focus on the basics, rest where you need to & just keep breathing. A well rounded practice for anyone & everyone - take what you need & leave the rest! 

Dynamic: A sweet, sweaty practice, taking you from Earth to Sky. Expect to be challenged by moving your body mindfully through a sequence of shapes, creating heat & fluidity, with more challenging asana on offer. For the days where your body needs to move every which way & you're feeling strong to cultivate steadiness. 

About me:
Growing up on the land in North Queensland, I have always had a strong connection to the earth. Movement was innate - exploring barefoot with my siblings, climbing trees, wading through strange waters & only coming home once it was too dark to see snakes. Yoga came later when I moved to Sydney & was searching for connection. It's what fascinates me on a daily basis - connection to ourselves, to each other & this beautiful planet we abide. A qualified nutritionist before finding yoga, I tapped into holistic wellness through food and tea. You can still find me sipping something fabulous from my favourite mug most days. 

Pose that you hope is possible in this lifetime?
Hanumanasana! The story of the monkey diety Hanuman, with his huge leap across continents, only made possible by his devotion to Lord Rama is absolutely inspiring for me. I love the mythology but it also reassures me that one day with my own practice of daily devotion (tight hamstrings & all) I will be able to sit comfortably in the full split. 

Most memorable yoga experience?
The first time I met my teacher Mick Barnes. I was astounded by his own yoga journey & utterly inspired to keep walking the path I had found that makes my own soul sing. The mantra "no mud, no lotus" is so accurate! I still love to go to his classes when I can, he is now almost 60, his dharma talks are littered with profanity & his dog Frank, the staffy, naps in the Shala while we practice (& gives me a good lick after savasana). Mick propels me forward every time I spend time with him, it's a physically challenging asana practice that helps me connect deeply to my body, to open my mind.

Guilty Pleasure?
Extra virgin olive oil! Is that guilty? It's surely one of my greatest pleasures. Or tea... All of the tea in the land ever.
Favorite Destination?
Tonsai, in the South Islands of Thailand. It's just the locals & you! There are no roads, no vehicles, the only way to get there is by long boat (& only if the weather is good!) The roofs leak, there are insects galore & it's just perfect.