Maddison Vernon
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
I am not here to teach you how to be bendy, touch your toes or to gain biceps or triceps. I want to know, can you close your eyes, quiet your mind and simply sit with yourself. To remove the illusions of your own mind. To flow through the movements and help the practice uncover what you most need.

About me
I am a lover of words, rich history and philosophy. I found myself quickly become disillusioned with the ‘real world’ after school. I went from studying economics & political sciences to spending my time with my head in the clouds and nose in the books studying ancient philosophical texts. Since then my path has been far from traditional. Always guided by those intuitive nudges that found me studying to become a life coach, learning more about the Vedic tradition and eventually completing my yoga teacher training.

When I’m not spending time at the studio (practicing, teaching, occupying the lounge with friends and loved ones) you can find me writing on a blank page, going on a drive out of town with my partner to find some nature, sneaking cuddles with my nephews, or cooking slow food from scratch. My favourite thing to do outside of practicing yoga in our Shala (sometimes called extended svasana’s) is working on a creative project I’m passionate about.

Person who inspires me most
If you are following your heart and doing something that you love, especially if it’s scary and you’re unsure, you will inspire me.

Favorite Destination
Broome, Western Australia. Driving along a deserted beach that stretches for miles, bikini’s on, sun kissed skin, hair a tangled mess, a good book and my loved one by my side. Fingers crossed we don’t get bogged again!

Favorite food
Barbecue ribs

Favorite quote
“Those who are sure of the outcome, can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety” - A Course in Miracles