Jennifer Shiffman
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
While my practice and teaching has evolved and changed over the years, the thing that has been consistent is my aim to guide students towards the path back to themselves. I use dynamic asana, breath awareness and meditation in class, while always maintaining that movement follows the breath and that the asana is always in dedication to the breath.

Each of our teachers take inspiration from their lineage of yoga and personal practise when designing their classes, so this is a little bit more about how I uniquely deliver each style of class:

Mellow: A combination of Yin and Restorative poses, ending with a Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) creating an experience of being purposefully un-rushed and deeply present.
Unified: We combine fluid movement with longer steady holds, finding ways to strengthen both the body and the mind. There is a time to be strong and a time to be soft, this class explores our ability to know which time it is.
Dynamic: A challenging class the marries strength and flexibility in a seamless flow. Sometimes we will explore some more ambitious postures while always respecting our limitations and natural ways of being and moving.

About me
I have been a student in A Course in Miracles for over 25 years, where I first began to understand that the organizing principles of the universe transcend what we can perceive with our senses. An inner journey is what genuinely brings us peace, health and vitality. I began my asana practice on my own, from a book that I found while serving in the Peace Corps. I had to find a way to manage the stress that I found living and working in Central Africa. My interest in yoga grew and flourished when I got back to the States where I completed her 200hr training at Yoga Works and her 300hr training at ISHTA Yoga. Life circumstances then routed me to India where I spent over two years studying and training in the Prana Vashya lineage in Mysore with my teacher Vinay Kumar. I have a new mission now, studying human anatomy and therapeutics, in an effort to balance the gross and subtle aspects of the practice.

Guilty Pleasure
Cat videos, I’m obsessed!

Favorite Destination
Upstate with my husband and my kitty.

Favorite quote
“No one will listen to us until we listen to ourselves” - Marianne Williamson