David Helman
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
I do love a good physical challenge so expect a class that might challenge the perception of your capabilities and help you find the point of comfort in the discomfort. As I am Sivananda trained, relaxation is also key in my classes, when we can really integrate everything into our body, mind and spirit and get that awesome yoga high.

About Me
My mother has always been a practicing yogi so it was only normal for us to move from an urban life in Tel-Aviv, Israel, to live in an ashram. I spent 3 years as a young boy growing up at the Sivananda Yoga Ranch Ashram in upstate New York and later continued to attend a yogic summer kids camp up into my teens and I was encouraged to complete my teacher training at the age of 16. However, after completing my training, I stepped away from yoga completely and decided to focus on a creative career oriented life.

In 2006 I migrated to Australia and studied graphic design and applied multimedia. I discovered circus aerials and pole shortly after and completely fell in love. My meditation came in the form of movement in the air. I trained vigorously and competed both nationally and internationally. Unfortunately, the strenuous training and need to be the best manifested in a variety of injuries leaving me in great pain, incapable of some physical tasks and the inability to continue doing and performing the things I loved so much.

During my recovery time, I developed my mental and spiritual practices with an interest in Tarot, crystals and the esoteric. Slowly but surly recovery happened, aided with a gentle and loving yoga practice, allowing me to celebrate the small physical victories as they happened. It was a great lesson in humility, patience and being content in the present with doing the best I can. Yoga has brought me back to myself and back to the things I love, circus and physical theatre.

When I’m not teaching Yoga, you’ll find me…… 
Hanging upside down, in the air, off people or apparatuses - I’m a circus performer and pole dancer. Or for down time, reading tarot cards and books. 

Why we love yoga?
I love yoga because it’s the way in which I can connect back to my self on a regular basis, physically, mentally and spiritually. It energises me, brings clarity, understanding and healing.

Pose that you hope is possible in this lifetime?
Any pose where my toes can tickle my head -  handstand scorpion or king pigeon.