Tejal Patel
Teaching Crew

About me
Growing up in Michigan, I was always around yoga, from going to temple to learning about the deity art around the house. After I moved to New York and was eight years into my finance career, I found the courage to start my first vinyasa yoga teacher training program at The Yoga Room in 2012. I felt so deeply connected to what I was learning that I decided to teach yoga as my life’s work! 

Since then I’ve continued to teach and study yoga, and find ways to see the world while doing just that! In 2014 after six months of travel, I went to India for a religious pilgrimage and an advanced hatha yoga training. And over the years, I’ve expanded my offerings to include Restorative & Prenatal yoga as well as Reiki.

I love finding ways to make yoga accessible for people and to share what I love about the practice! I truly believe: 
“On this path, no gain is ever reversed, no effort is ever wasted. Only a bit of this work can undo great suffering and harm”. - BG 2.40  
My hope is that you join me in class and find that this sacred, ancient practice also resonates deeply with you.

Aims and goals for the future
Be a positive impact for others!

Past working experience before becoming a yoga teacher
8+ years Financial Management at L’Oreal and Topps

Guilty Pleasure
Dark, Dark Chocolate and comedy

Why we love yoga
It's home.