Sydney Rae Leviton
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
Each of our teachers take inspiration from their lineage of yoga and personal practise when designing their classes, so this is a little bit more about how I uniquely deliver each style of class:

Mellow: Expect gentle movement, guided breathing, and breath work alongside long-held restorative postures utilizing lots of props to support your body and allow you to relax deeply into each posture.
Unified: Expect a vinyasa class where we link breath to movement, with emphasis on alignment and having fun!
Dynamic:- Expect to get your heart rate up without sacrificing the integrity of the pose! We’ll move fast and with intention.

About me
Growing up with a yogi momma, if you told me I’d end up co-managing and teaching at a yoga studio I would have died laughing. Thankfully I quickly learned that not only was my mom cool for rocking wild yoga pants and headstands, she was the coolest mom out there, and I had to be just like her. This led me to practicing yoga regularly, acknowledging its tremendous positive impact on my mental and physical health, and eventually to my first 200hr teacher training that I completed while I was in my last semester of graduate school at the Silberman School of Social Work. I feel so lucky to have grown and learned so much on my mat with the thoughtful guidance of others and am honored to join you on your own personal journey, wherever it may take you!

Favorite food
You know how sometimes someone asks you to share a fun fact about yourself and it feels like torture? That’s what asking me to pick one favorite food feels like.

Favorite quote
Currently the quote, “If you can’t beat fear, do it scared” really speaks to me! Especially when you combine it with my second current favorite quote, “fear kills more dreams than failure ever will”.

Most memorable yoga experience
Locking eyes with my mom during my first yoga class, knowing she was infinitely proud of me. It's been an incredible journey going from looking up to her, to learning from her, to now learning alongside her.