What Next? - Cancelling, Shala guidelines & parking

We want you to travel light - emotionally and physically - so we provide all students with mats, blocks and straps by Manduka - considered the best in the business. Our mats are closed cell, contain no latex and we meticulously clean and sanitize them for you before each and every class. So just turn up with... well... just yourself really and we’ll take care of the rest!  Of course if you do want to bring your own mat you are more than welcome to!

Cancelling a booking

It is important to note that cancellations need to be made more than 4 hours prior to the start of the class in question. If you can't make it to your class you are able to cancel your booking by logging in to your Humming Puppy account. If you are unable to cancel your booking within the required time frame or you do not make it to the class in question, you will be charged $15 if you are on an unlimited pack or forfeit the class if you are using class packs. To cancel your class, once logged in click on 'My Humming Puppy' and then click on 'My Schedule'. You will see a list of the classes that you have booked and on the far right hand side of each listing you will see a 'Cancel' link. Simply click this link and you will cancel your booking for this class.

Shala guidelines at Humming Puppy:

- Arriving 15 minutes prior to your class will help you get the most from your Humming Puppy experience and gives us the chance to see you sooner. Winning!
- To ensure all of our students get the most out of their practice our classes will always start on time.  Therefore if you arrive late... even just 1 minute then 'no shala for you' sorry.  
- We encourage all students to practice 'letting go'! So lets start with your shoes and phone by leaving them outside the shala. To keep them safe and sound we have plenty of lockers for you in the changerooms and at reception. Ask one of the Humming Puppy crew if you require an in-locker charger for your phone.
- Relax, smile... oh and breathe.  That last one's important!


The studio is centrally located in Redfern, just off Cleveland Street and directly above the Rabbit Hole Tea Cafe. While there is free 2 hour parking, all day parking surrounding the studio (south of Cleveland Street) and metered parking too, public transport is also a convenient option. Redfern station is a short 5 minute walk away and Central station is a 10 to 15 minute stroll from the studio. 

We don’t want you to miss your class, so please allow plenty of time to find parking and be aware that parking inspectors are vigilant in the area!!