Sophie Kos
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
Each of our teachers take inspiration from their lineage of yoga and personal practise when designing their classes, so this is a little bit more about how I uniquely deliver each style of class:

Mellow Hum: I want my students to leave this class feeling calm, centered, and refreshed. Letting all the craziness and chaos of life move to the side and allow yourself to receive rest and take care of yourselves.  I will teach a slow flow in this class and restorative postures, along with meditation.

Unified Hum: This class will include vinyasa style yoga that will be broken down enough for my more beginner students but enough movement and different variations for those who are more advanced in their physical yoga practice.  I want my students to feel in their bodies and get the movement that they need. 

Dynamic Hum: This class will be the most advanced physical practice that I teach.  It will include a faster paced vinyasa flow, with longer held and more advanced postures.  We will also explore more advanced mediation practices.  I want my students to feel challenged in this class and let them get that sweat and access the fire that they need.

About me
I started practicing yoga at age 11.  I struggled a lot in throughout school and with having anxiety.  Yoga and movement became my medicine and a practice that really helped me with healing.  I decided to go for my yoga training at Ishta Yoga when I was 16 and from then on I have been working at different studios, and doing different trainings.  I have a huge passion for movement and helping people heal themselves and get into back their bodies.  A few of my favorite things are : Yoga (obviously) , anything fitness - I love working out, bike rides on the West Side Highway, listening to music, hanging with my family and friends, and drinking matcha lattes ;)

Favorite food
Broccoli, yes I am being serious.

Person who most inspires you
I don’t have one person in mind specifically.  I am inspired by so many people but the two people that inspire me the most are my mom and dad.

When I’m not teaching Yoga, you’ll find me……
Taking a yoga class or some kind of fitness class or teaching at The Class By Taryn Toomey