Sacha Flanagan
Teaching Crew


My Teaching Style
I have always been a mover and shaker! Finding connection to the self through movement is what drives me. I love to lead my students through creative sequences with flowing transitions. You can expect dynamic postures in my class, with a big focus on alignment, simultaneously finding ease through breath, to encourage equanimity in the mind. I also enjoy balancing the yang with some yin and guiding a nurturing restorative practice to soothe the soul.

Each of our teachers take inspiration from their lineage of yoga and personal practice when designing their classes, so this is a little bit more about how I uniquely deliver each style of class:

Mellow: The class may start with pranayama or a short meditation. We explore some very gentle movements followed by longer Yin style holds. 

Unified: A juicy slow flow focused on alignment. We aim to connect our bodies and minds to welcome a feeling of unity on the mat, no matter what your level or ability. 

Dynamic: A fast pace style, to build heat in the body- we intelligently work towards peak poses winding through creative sequences.

About Me
I was introduced to yoga back in 2006, whist studying a BA in Dance. During my career I was living in London and performing throughout Europe. Initially I was drawn to the physical benefits to support my body through dance, but with the guidance of my teachers there, I began to deepen my connection to the practice after learning more about it’s philosophy. My mat is place of total self-discovery and I love how it has the power to transcend into everyday life. In 2014, I decided to under take my 200-hour Teacher Training in Bali, and since then have become completely consumed with this beautiful journey and sharing my passion for yoga.

Aims and goals for the future?
I want to continue developing my skills as a yoga teacher, learn to play guitar, eventually live by the ocean and travel as often as possible. 

Guilty Pleasure?
Singing way too enthusiastically in the car, with sassy movements to match.

Favorite quote
"All that is meant for you, will come to you”.