Sarah Bunnell
Teaching Crew

My teaching Style
I bring a lot of passion to my classes and an immense love to my students. I focus on a slow mindful practice that encourages self awareness to unfold, with a focus on listening to what the body needs in each and every moment. My goal as a teacher is to create an environment that fosters emotional and physical support for my students to experience the magic of yoga. The magic of personal transformation through gratitude and self awareness. The empowerment of a strong, healthy open body.

About Me
I found yoga when I was an International flight attendant. It brought me a sense of groundedness amongst the chaos of long haul flights and a non existent body clock. My personal transformation through a regular yoga practice sparked curiosity in those around me, which led to my first Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai in 2009. After a break from teaching for a few years I decided to take a month YTT200 intensive in Bali to refresh and gain a deeper understanding of the principals I had learnt and had been practicing. Since then I have travelled to teach and continue my learnings in Bali, India, Singapore and Philippines.

Most memorable yoga experience
My most memorable yoga experience was the fist time I cried in class as a student. I was deeply connecting to my truth and was releasing something that I had been holding on to for a long time. The silence and stillness in a yoga practice has amazing transformative powers.

Favourite Destination
I have travelled to over 50 countries so that is a hard one. I spent 3 months on the tropical remote Siargao Island, Philippines in 2016 so that would be a recent highlight!

Guilty Pleasure 
I am a sugar addict! I tried quitting processed sugar at the start of the year. It is safe to say that life is more fun with a little bit of chocolate!