Phoebe Jones
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
A holistic practice that will service your body, mind and your breath. 

The way we process and clear ourselves through breath, movement and meditation is a strong influence behind my classes.
I like to include strong sequences in-between pranayama, mudra, mantra and meditative practices. Everyday is different!

About Me
I have just arrived in Sydney from the wild west, originating in the red dirt and growing up in the greener valleys of South Western Australia. A country upbringing, always being outdoors and strongly encouraged to dance, ride horses and play sport invoked a strong link between movement and wellbeing. 

Yoga found me and it provided not only the movement but a strong philosophy that has threaded off the mat and into a way of living my life. A way of living openly, with as much truth, love and compassion as I can.

Guilty Pleasure?
Nothing that’s pleasurable should feel guilty!

Favorite yoga posture/asana?
Eka pada rajakapotasana (pidgeon pose) it used to be excruciating and now its an absolute pleasure.

Favourite food?
Anything homegrown and freshly picked comes with good energy.