Jackie Koch
COO & Co-Founder

About me: 
Beginning my career in the hospitality industry, I eventually fell into the dental industry working my way up to managing practices for almost 10 years. During this time I was fortunate to work alongside people who loved their jobs, being surrounded by passionate people inspired me to find my passion and purpose in life.

Yoga had been calling me for years but it wasn’t until 2008 that I came to the practise regularly in a search to regain strength and flexibility after I poorly managed a knee reconstruction. I became absorbed in the practise and was initially unaware of the profound impact yoga was having on me, combined with weekly Ayurveda treatments I began to notice subtle shifts in my energy, my behavior and my attitude towards life. I made a number of significant life changes and began creating and living a life I wanted to live with integrity, trust and belief in myself.

My love for yoga was obvious and many had suggested I undergo my teacher training but I ignored the idea for some time due to a lack of self-belief. However in 2013 it became clear to me that yoga was my path, I decided to become a yoga teacher and undertake my teacher training, with the view to leave my job in dentistry and open my own yoga studio.

In 2014 over a cheesy Valentines Day dinner with Chris (my partner in both life and business) Humming Puppy was conceived. Less than 12 months later we opened the doors to our first studio in Prahran, Melbourne AUS in February 2015, followed by the opening of our second studio in Redfern, Sydney AUS in April 2016 and then our third location in New York opened in April 2018.

Our studios are an expression of our creativity and a desire to make yoga accessible and appealing to people who would never have considered practicing before. Each space is intentionally designed to be welcoming, a safe place for our community to connect with other like-minded people and, enjoy some time out for themselves.

The teachings of yoga are the greatest gift I’ve been given and to be able to share these gifts with our students who inspire me on a daily basis is an honor.

I’m inspired by:
People! Everyone has a special story to share that is enriched with challenge and deep meaningful experiences. I love genuine, authentic people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and have the humility to see that we are all the same.

Guilty Pleasure:
Formula One racing! It’s strange but true, aside from the fast cars I love the strategy and technology that each team invests in to achieve a great result for the team.

Favorite Destination:
Anywhere in the world with my partner Chris!