Niki Morrissette
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
For me, yoga is all about the exploration of apparent contradictions ---
How do we find peace in disruption?
How might we disrupt stagnation?
How do we root to rise?
How do we cultivate both childlike playfulness and deep reverence?

My classes are all about creating a container for this self-inquiry as you both challenge and fiercely accept yourself. Expect both fire building flows and heart-centered grounding. Mellow classes will often include slow flow at the start.

About me
I found my way to yoga because I was struggling with epilepsy in college and a neurologist offhandedly mentioned yoga miiiiiiight help. I said "Ok," and I told him I would get a job at a yoga studio when I moved to DC after college. I don't know why I had such clarity in my plan, but I did just that and have been working in yoga studios ever since. Since the beginning, yoga has been the backdrop and occasional inspiration in my work as a musician and actress. I am so thankful that this profound practice--which helped me write a new story in my body-- also helps me be a more authentic storyteller.

Yoga is teaching me to be at home in my body and is constantly reminding me of my own agency. Yoga is helping me challenge patterns of learned helplessness.

Favorite song
If I had to choose, it'd be "I Didn't Know About You" by Duke Ellington, performed by Ella Fitzgerald--but why would I ever choose?

Favorite quote
"Deep roots are not reached by the frost." - Tolkien

Favorite Destination
My life changed forever in the southern hemisphere, specifically in Melbourne, Australia. When I can't make it down under, I am always looking forward to my weekly visits to Prospect or Central Park.

When I am not teaching yoga, you'll find me?
Writing/playing music with my band, or rehearsing Shakespeare.