Nadine Eram
Teaching Crew

About me
My yoga practice began in 2009 when I sceptically took my first class in Japan in an attempt to heal a broken heart. It worked, and since then yoga has been my faithful companion and supporter as I’ve travelled the world, lived in various countries and moved through different phases of my life. Yoga has brought a greater depth, clarity and joy to my everyday experiences, guides me in the process of learning to love and respect myself and others and reminds me to choose love over fear always.  
I have recently returned from an epic nine month trip overseas where I expanded and deepened my teaching knowledge by completing my advanced teacher training at the Vancouver School of Yoga and satisfied my travel yearning by wandering around South and Central America for a few months. Now home, I am so excited to dive into life in Melbourne once again and see where this next stage of my journey takes me!! 

What to expect from a class with me
I am frequently in awe of the way slight shifts in alignment can change the whole way we experience a posture and so I strive to teach thoughtful, purposeful, alignment focused classes that challenge both mind and body. Flowing movement also fills me with joy and so I love to create playful sequences that have a strong connection to breath and allow space for growth and play. When planning my classes I always ask myself, ‘what is alive within me at this moment?’ and so you will find that my teaching is often a reflection of my own personal life experiences. Through teaching from the truest place in my heart I hope to connect with my students in an authentic and honest way.

Favourite destination?
Gosh, I don’t think I can name just one place. Travel shapes my whole life. It is one of my greatest passions and has opened my eyes to so much in this vast, incredible world we live in. I love how simple life gets when I’m on the road, the freedom that I feel, and the amazing people I meet. I also love how being away reminds me to be so grateful for all that I have at home. 

Favourite song?
Re: stacks by Bon Iver – that song has soothed me to sleep more times than I can count over the years.

Most memorable yoga experience?
I will never forget my first yoga class that I took when I was living in Japan - I barely understood a word of the class as it was all in Japanese, didn’t have a mat, and felt so intensely self conscious as everyone was peeping at the random foreigner in between their legs during downward dog. That night seems like a lifetime ago but that feeling of stumbling across something totally amazing and rather life changing feels like it was only yesterday!!