Melissa Thomas

My teaching Style
Curious, playful, purposeful and evolving. I think the key to longevity in a yoga practice is creating strong foundations of fundamental asana from the ground up in order to progress, get curious and play with more challenging shapes safely and with awareness, so I love to prep! Expect preparation to open and support, with mobility and strength to bring about subtle awareness of body, mind and breath. Becoming more present, every movement and every breath is purposeful and mindful as we start to flow threading movement with breath like a moving meditation.

About Me
I have more likes than dislikes and a new appreciation for the change of seasons. I'm a giver of flowers, a believer of loving kindness and a big lover of life, cats over dogs, music and sound is food for the soul and have travelled exploring many far away places with yoga being my guide. I'm always working on being more mindful and present and being more kind to myself and others. However I still get grumpy when I don't eat, move or sleep enough. I'm a true stubborn and loyal Taurus forever learning and continuing to do better. I'm sometimes a bit wild and sometimes a bit shy. I'm forever a student first and always a teacher second.

Favourite Quote
"Practice and all is coming" - Sri K Pattabhi Jois ('Guruji')

Guilty Pleasure 
Eating food and / or being in bed.

Favourite Destination
Being on my mat, wherever that may be (also applies to bed).