Meghan Lastra
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
Coming from a background of traditional hatha yoga, all of my classes are based in a deep connection to the breath with a focus on alignment and allowing space for each student to fully experience each posture from wherever they are. Through this simplicity I encourage students to explore their internal awareness and observation.

About me
I came to yoga instinctively, knowing, somehow, that I would like it. Those first moments of enjoyment later gave way to a deeper connection and a readiness to learn more. I continue to study through classical, lineage based practices so that I can expand that connection and clarity within myself. Along the way, my passion for learning grew into a passion for teaching. I aim to inspire the same spark and quest for knowledge in each of my students as I had when I first began practicing.
I love to sing, cherish alone time, and often spend quiet evenings at home or in the park nearest my apartment. I practice self care on the daily to keep myself from over-working. Summer is my favorite season because you can fully see the vibrant life buzzing around us in all directions.

Guilty Pleasure
Definitely a good Netflix binge

When I’m not teaching Yoga, you’ll find me......
Working on my podcast or taking a slow walk through the park.

Why we love yoga
It expands into our everyday life, slowing us down and giving us space to breathe and observe moment to moment.

Past working experience before becoming a yoga teacher.
So many things! Barista, waitress, musical theater actress, advertising sales, and singer in a wedding band.