Meg Williams
Teaching crew

My Teaching Style: 
My teaching style varies depending on the style of class, expect a stronger, vinyasa style flow in a dynamic, something a little slower and steadier in a unified, and a nourishing yin style practice in a mellow. My classes are designed to allow you the space to step out of your head and into your body, with breath as your anchor, in the hope that you will leave the class feeling a little more centred.

About Me:

I grew up by the ocean in New Zealand, and have always been active. From netball and basketball to surf lifesaving, dragon boating, underwater hockey – you name it, I did it! As such, I was initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, but soon discovered that there was so much more to the practice, and that’s what has kept drawing me back to my mat.

I am a lover of the sun and the sea, being out in nature, plants, animals, sharing delicious meals with friends and family, reading all the books, and all things delicious.

Why I teach yoga
I found yoga at a time when I really needed it, I was chronically sick with tonsillitis for about a year and then had post-viral fatigue, so it was the only movement my body was able to tolerate at that time without making me sicker. Since then, my yoga practice has been there for me through ups and downs, bad days and good days, and it never fails to bring me back to myself, to leave me feeling calmer and more grounded. I teach yoga in the hope that others will also experience the same benefits I have and realise that yoga is so much more than being able to put your foot around your head, or touch your toes.

Favorite song? 
This changes constantly but at the moment Lonely Boys Paradise by Dope Lemon.

Favorite quote? 
“You are the sky. Everything else, it’s just the weather.” Pema Chodron 

Favorite food? 
Depends on the season – porridge, dahl, curries in winter and smoothie bowls and fresh salads in summer.

When I’m not teaching Yoga, you’ll find me… 
Sunning myself at the beach between dips in the ocean, reading a book, surfing (badly) or sharing meals and laughs with friends. 

Past working experience before becoming a yoga teacher. 
I studied law and political studies and I am admitted to practice as a lawyer. I worked for two years as a lawyer and really thought that would be my career path – life is funny like that.