Kurt Joyce
Teaching Crew

About me
l love movement, connection and consider myself a fiercely passionate human being. I hail from Boston, MA and currently call home New York City, where I live as a movement, wellness and education professional. 

The path that I follow now is ever evolving however, was greatly illuminated the moment that I welcomed movement into my life. Through yoga, dance, and various other energetic modalities, I found my purpose - to help others recognize the power of their personal potential. Utilizing various pedagogical and wellness practices, I provide tools to help others establish a deeper connection with their physical and energetic bodies. With an emphasis on anatomical awareness, positive encouragement and playful expression, my work strives to celebrate the magic of movement and all that it provides.

Why we Love Yoga
It always meets us exactly where we are at.

Favorite Destination
The mountains

Favorite Yoga Posture
Ardha Chandrasana - Half Moon Pose

Aims and goals for the future
To create a movement and mindfulness curriculum that will be implemented in schools across the country.