Kristy DaSilva
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
My formal training is in hatha yoga and the receptive, inclusive style of yin yoga. These two opposing but complimentary practices continue to impact and evolve my teaching style in which I believe slow is the advanced. In theming I grab what is relevant to deepening your understanding of the entire philosophy of yoga as I perceive it.

A class with me will always include some time to land, pranayama and a thoughtfully curated sequence with the ntention to guide you to embody who you truly are, dissolve tension and unblock stagnancies you may be storing. 

Each of our teachers take inspiration from their lineage of yoga and personal practice when designing their classes, so this is a little bit more about how I uniquely deliver each style of class:

Mellow: Staying low to the ground for most of the class, in the morning and afternoons we will spend half our time, slowing sifting through flowing vinyasa variations and move into some longer holds. An evening mellow is even slower and you can expect a yin style practice. 

Unified: Not too much, not too little, just right. A blend of steady strength building poses and delicious, long held asana to wind down that focus on building your understanding of the foundations and grow your awareness of self

Dynamic: You can expect to flow steadily through a string of challenging asana and transitions that will connect you to a sense of grounding and strength. Savasana will feel like heaven 

About Me
Growing up I really sucked at numbers and failed miserably at math. My strengths were gymnastics, ballet and writing. I did what any failed math student would do; ignored my soul and actual talents, launching ego first into a 6 year career in business banking and finance. Anxiety disorder: 1 Kristy : NIL. 

After walking a path that clearly wasn’t for me I thought my body had failed me as panic attacks and anxiety took over my life, consumed my mental energy and sucked the sweetness out of everything. I followed some advice and got myself to a bikram yoga studio. After the class I knew I would do whatever that was for the rest of my life. After committing to that walk up the road to the hot torture room for a year I was panic attack free and living a more wholesome life. 

Following a strong desire to deepen my knowledge of the philosophy of yoga and why it worked I started a teacher training. I enjoyed what I learnt so much that I knew I had to teach this for the rest of my life.

Most memorable yoga experience?
With my background in mental illness, I love to reconnect to my purpose for practicing. Recently I helped out on a charity project creating video content for teenagers dealing with body image and anxiety as a way to gift them an accessible practice and tools to self soothe easily at their finger tips. It was such a fun day and a great cause.

Favorite Destination?
Bali is pretty blissful.

Favorite yoga posture/asana? 
Depending on the day and what I need. Pincha Mayurasana is a pose that I love. It looks like it shouldn’t feel so good! When you have the foundations to float up there is an incredible feeling of lightness and weightlessness that i’ve not experienced in any other asana at this point in my practice.