Jan Denecke
Teaching Crew

About me
There is no better pleasure than embracing every aspect of life and appreciating the insights that it has to offer. With over 12 years of experience in holistic health I can say with certainty that nourishment involves a deeper understanding of your life, your health and your wellbeing. For me yoga, meditation, nutrition, friendships, family, poetry and travel give me these insights. Sharing this with likeminded people is such a great part of healing and growing through fun, laughter, an occasional tear, movement and stillness. I feel so blessed to be sharing these insights and discovering more by practicing with all of you!

Favourite Destination
Amsterdam when in Sydney, Sydney when in Amsterdam (Yes I am 100% Dutch).

Favourite Quote
From the moment you took your first breathe life took you in its arms and said: look inside and search no longer. You are here right now enjoy this moment (J.D)

Why I love Yoga
It helps to embody the joy of being alive and discovering the growth potential we all have.