Heather Terra
Studio Manager

About me:
As long as I can remember I’ve been on a journey to find a way to help others. As a child I always volunteered to help out the kids with disabilities on the playground, in college I studied psychology, volunteered at various organizations, and worked with the suicide prevention hotline, Upon graduating I pursued yoga and found the wellness industry to be the best platform for me to support others and to share the gifts of peace and wellbeing that this practice has to offer. I love listening to people; hearing their stories, backgrounds, challenges and triumphs. I love helping people to shift their perspectives in any way that helps them to reach their utmost potential.

I strive to be open, compassionate, and generous. I’ve always been empathetic, sometimes to a fault, and over the years I’ve had to learn how to take care of myself by creating appropriate boundaries, whilst remaining open. I believe this detailed awareness and sensitivity to my internal environment provides me with a platform to better tune into the experiences and feelings of those around me. I intend to live as authentically as possible, and often that means recalibrating my actions. I aim to speak my truths and to lovingly act on them. I trust that in doing so I’ll be lead exactly where I’m meant to be; to learn whatever lesson I need to learn, to find contentment, to lead a joyful life, and to achieve my highest good.

Where you’ll find me when I’m not at Humming Puppy:
Outside and absorbing nature in any way I can! Weather that’s a walk around my neighborhood, trips to the beach, or hiking upstate. Getting my feet on the earth and the sun on my skin is a high priority.

Guilty Pleasure:
Van Leeuwen’s Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream & Red Wine. Not always together but occasionally when the time calls for it.

Favorite Destination:
Where I met my hubby and married him of course! The magical and dreamy little island of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand