Courtney Rose
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
My classes are based on vinyasa style movements, I love to explore and play with the way the body moves and find sweetness and flow within the practice. There is no perfection here! It is all about how YOU move and what helps you find strength, ease, liveliness or peace.

Each of our teachers take inspiration from their lineage of yoga and personal practice when designing their classes, so this is a little bit more about how I uniquely deliver each style of class:

Mellow: Slow, still, restorative and mostly yin inspired. A guided connection to breath and body. 

Unified: Playful and dance-y flow, drawing you out of your head and into your body.

Dynamic: Strong Vinyasa with playful flows and space to move like you.

About me
In 2004 I broke both my arms (yes both, at the same time) during a netball game. At the time I was an athletic over achiever who always had more than one sport/exercise regime on my plate at once and always high intensity. With both arms in plaster I had to find a new way to move, at the local library I found a VHS of yoga for dummies and never looked back. I played with a personal practice for years until in 2012 I set foot in a dedicated yoga studio and truly fell in love. 

In my home town of Perth I practiced with some wonderful teachers who taught me to explore my practice and have courage, all the while my previous career (in retail training and management) exposed me to yoga philosophy and the wider yoga community. I am blessed to count as friends some incredible yogis in Perth and Melbourne who continue to teach and inspire me. 

In a crazy twist of fate I studied physiology and Indian philosophy at university thinking that I was perhaps a little nuts as there was no way these two things would ever intersect or make sense together, but they both fascinated me. 

I am absolutely passionate about uncovering and exploring the connection of all things and I believe this is what we do with yoga.

Most memorable yoga experience?
Doing down dog to Madonna in a class taken by my teacher Lara Dwyer and realising that it's all so NOT serious. She taught me to find a lightness and sweetness in my practice. In that moment I found flow and movement and fun.

Person who most inspires you?
My nana, she has endless curiosity, courage and strength and always sees the bright side. She is a 79 year old tornado.

Why do you love yoga?
It's a state of grace, it connects you and helps you discover your relatedness to all things.