Bec White
Studio Manager & Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
A timeout from your daily schedule to reconnect with your breath, your body and an exploration of what happens when you allow yourself to experience the connection between the two. Through slow flow vinyasa, soul nourishing mellows and anything in between I like to teach and explore a holistic practice.

Each of our teachers take inspiration from their lineage of yoga and personal practice when designing their classes, so this is a little bit more about how I uniquely deliver each style of class:

Mellow: Sweet slow exploration of the body - breathwork paired with gentle fluid movement, restorative and yin style postures to guide you into deep relaxation. Maybe even a soothing dash of yoga nidra during an evening practice. 

Unified: Graceful steady slow flow guided deeply by breath. 

Dynamic: Strong, steady, creative flow that will challenge the mind and body. Wring yourself out with a deep dive through a holistic practice. 

About me
You name it, I’ve probably dabbled - from Kombucha bar, PR, advertising, events and sponsorship, hospitality, graphic design and medical education! While each and every one of these industries provided their own unique set of challenges, experiences and amazing people, not one of them felt like home.

My mamma bear introduced me to yoga and meditation during high school when a rowing and dancing injury (a cumulative injury… I wasn’t dancing in the boat…) had me sidelined from my usual extra-curricular activities. High five mum! Ever since then, these two practices have been my steady constant and my anchor whenever I’ve needed grounding. 

After feeling my flame burn out during my final stint in advertising, I felt pulled towards the notion of playing in a career where I could support others. I am excited to share these teachings, the gift of yoga, with others. To hold space for others and to explore these practices, that have supported me so deeply, is something pretty special.

Most memorable yoga experience? 
My first crystal bowl sound healing. Lost in a treehouse in the hills above Avalon with a summer storm rolling in over the water. Words can’t actually describe how blissed out I felt. After a day of soul nourishing ritual and yoga practice, laying out on the back deck and just losing myself to the sound… Absolute bliss.

Where did you do your teacher training?
At a beautiful little studio in Bronte, Sukha Mukha. A really special community based on both Laughing Lotus and Jivamukti teachings. A very nurturing community to explore all things deeper yogic philosophy, pranayama and asana, I never wanted it to end!

Favorite food? 
It’s a little indulgent but at the moment, I cannot get enough of fresh berries and chocolate mousse… SO GOOD!! I’ve even taken it one step further and added it to my morning porridge… Outside of that, foods that are grown, sourced and prepared with loving intentions.