Asher Todd
Teaching Crew

About Me:  
I am an inspiration junkie. I tend to be a bit whimsical in my thinking and am fascinated by the human condition so love to explore that. I am eternally
looking to ‘heal’ and become enlightened with my thoughts.  I am passionate about natural health + healing. In all its realms…I'm obsessed with natural  skincare and hate to use anything too toxic on the bod and I love concocting herbal teas, face mists + face oils. 
I'm a bit of a dreamer and believe in the mystical and magical, so I of course adore the Moon and Crystals and I like to write. 

My teaching Style:  
It tends to be rather mindful, slow, graceful, strong, emotive and utterly dedicated to the breath. I am big on the
transition and the journey to the actual posture.  I find it is often the subtle micro changes that one makes to the breath or the movement, or a slight shift in perception or attitude that holds power on and off the mat! 

Most memorable yoga experience?   
I still have really vivid memories of one of my first yoga classes in London at a Fitness First of all places. It was about 8 years ago now. She was this amazing South American woman, all strong and feminine, she moved with such mindfulness, she was a ninja. It was the first time I remember truly feeling IN my body and connected to ‘something’, a oneness. 

Where did you do your teacher training?   

In Bali at Yoga Barn with The School Of Sacred Arts back in 2011. What a life changing month of bliss. Well 4 months of bliss really, as I spent 4 months in Bali immersing myself in yoga and meditation and all things yogic. I did not return the same. Life changed for the better and the worse. I was never certain if I actually wanted to teach, but I knew that I wanted to deepen my practice which I continued to do until I arrived at Humming Puppy where I knew I wanted to teach. It feels like home! 

Person who most inspires you?   
I am an inspiration junkie so seek and find inspiration in SO many people. Dreamers + Creators. Anyone who is happy + positive, loving + compassionate, wise + thoughtful, authentic + courageous, engaged and giving.