Alize Lily Mounter
Teaching Crew 

My teaching Style

My teaching style is intentional so that you can take the real essence of yoga with you and hopefully use it in your day-to-day life. I would say every class entails purpose, passion and even some poetry. This helps enable you to practice with intention, inspiration and a felt awareness so you can fully appreciate your body, your breath, your energy, your entire experience and the gift of the present moment.

About Me
I’m ever changing, shifting and growing. I would say I am full of a real love for life and easeful state of being. My never ending love for lush landscapes, green forests and being within nature has given me the name Forest Elf. Which leads to me feeling like I was born in the wrong era, I’m a nature loving 60’s hippy at heart with a longing for a life that make me feel liberated and free. I have learnt to surrender to the pull of my heart and wherever it will take me, indeed that pull brought me here to Melbourne. I was born in Wales, spent many years living in London before moving to Berlin and then here. My other life as I like to call it was very different; I was controlled by my ego which overall led to a lost sense of self. Since leaving the UK my journey and my practice have inspired me to look deeper into the meaning of life. This has encouraged me to live more authentically from my heart and soul. Which has led to more love for myself, enhanced gratitude towards life, a greater sense of self, heightened creativity and now teaching something that has enormously enriched my life.

Most memorable yoga experience 
I suppose crying in half pigeon on a Bali retreat was pretty memorable because I felt such a big release, which I had been carrying for so many years, then I began to really understand how Yoga helps us on a much deeper level.

When I’m not teaching Yoga, you’ll find me… 
Being a yoga student, writing poems, dancing around the house and among shopping aisles, listening to music, reading, going on adventures, singing out loud, being in front of the camera, being behind the camera, watching the latest films and enjoying ice-cream at the cinema, relishing within the beauty of nature, taking long hot baths, cherishing valuable time with my cats and my love.

Guilty Pleasure 
Dipping chocolate biscuits in English tea (although not sure if I feel guilty about it haha).