8 Consecutive weeks
Wendesday evenings 6:30pm-8:30pm
February 15th to April 5th
$480 (Normally $800) only 36 spots



Over the course of 8 weeks we will dive into the rich history of yoga, its many lineages, the philosophy behind it, asana, pranayama, mantra, chanting, meditation as well as the more subtle, yet extremely powerful energetics of the practice. 

Our vision is to provide students with a deep and rich experience in order to: 

1) Become a self-reliant yoga practitioner
2) Develop a deeper connection with the self and others
3) Discover a toolbox of skills to help navigate through life


This course was designed for beginners to advanced yogis who are ready to look beyond the basic and physical aspects of yoga. 

We also appreciate that there are many students who may have a desire to do a Yoga Teacher Training course (YTT), as they wish to dive deeper into their practice and expand their knowledge base, yet these students don't necessarily want to become fully qualified teachers. We understand that in this scenario the commitment of exams, assignments and expensive qualifications is far from ideal. Therefore, we wanted to create a course that assisted our students to develop a much deeper understanding of yoga, without the burden of tests and assessments, especially for those who aren't immediately looking to teach.

For those who are wanting to become teachers, please note that this isn't a Yoga Teacher Training course and thus at completion, you will not receive a teaching qualification. However, this course will serve as a great precursor to the undertaking of a YTT as it will assist in providing you with a sound foundation from which to embark on your teaching studies.


The course will be held every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and will run for 8 weeks consecutively starting on the 15th of February 2017. 

Main Facilitator Melbourne: Melissa Mai
Main Facilitator Sydney: Phoebe Jones

Week 1
We begin in the body. Knowing that Yoga is a mastery of the self and of the mind, the best starting point for anyone beginning an entry into the self is through the body. This first week is an exploration of yoga “sthiram sukham asanam”, yoga is a steady joyful connection to the earth.

Week 2
Moving into what is a practise. How and why it can help us to navigate off the mat and into each day. We look into the physical and anatomical effects of breath and the assistance it gives to our movement. And we begin to breakdown the correlation between movement and energy in the body.

Week 3
We explore creating a balanced self-practice and the art of persevering through the challenges of a practise. What to expect and how to use the teachings in yoga to build skills and move through challenges we face in our practice. 

Week 4
We delve deeper into the energy anatomy of our yoga practice, exploring the correlation between our energy centres and our physical selves and world around us.

Week 5
This week is all about sound and vibration as we breakdown the use of mantra and sanskrit (universal language). 

Week 6
We move further into the subtle and richer realms of the yoga practice as we begin to explore the mind, recognising the patterns of the mind and how we can watch these patterns in our practise. 

Week 7 
We build on everything we have studied throughout the course and through development in self-practise, the link between the individual and the universal self.  We look further into building an intelligent self-practise that matches the movements in our daily lives. 

Week 8 
In the final week we bring everything together into the experience of an empowering self practise with a deep Yoga Nidra and final meditation. 
A celebration of their path through this course. Small ritual for completion.

Discounted rate of $480 for our initial course (normally $800), only 36 spots available!