Sasha Layton
Teaching Crew

About Me
I began my yoga journey over 18 years ago, at a small gym in the Melbourne suburbs. I continued to dabble in and out of the practice whilst living and working overseas in London for 10 years, it was only upon return to Melbourne in 2009 that I found a true connection.
My passion for yoga comes from a unique place of self-healing. Having been immersed in the corporate world for a decade and a half, the daily practice of asana helped immensely in my recovery from a stress related illness.  It was this experience and time spent with my regular teacher/mentor that encouraged me to complete a 200hr yoga teacher training, so I could delve deeper and share my discovery with others.
Since completing my first teacher training over 3 years ago with YogaWorks in Dubai, I have also completed a 150hr Post Graduate Teacher Training, numerous workshops, and more recently 2 anatomy and fascia immersions based around Yoga Tune Up®.
I am a forever-curious student. I teach yoga full-time in Melbourne, love to share my passion for health and wellbeing, and the transformation I have gone through on this journey.  “Off the mat” I am a dog & nature lover, sun-worshipper, extremely passionate about movement & nutrition, and have just started the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Health Coach course, which I aim to complete by the beginning of 2018 to integrate a more holistic wellbeing approach with my clients.

What to expect from a class with me
With a clear focus on good alignment, anatomy and building strength, I teach (and practice) slow mindful & dynamic movement which should feel good in your body. Expect to feel nurtured in my classes, but also encouraged to go beyond your expectations, all whilst having fun.

Guilty Pleasure
Raw organic refined sugar free chocolate. I LOVE Pana Chocolate.

Favorite Destination
Anywhere with a beach and nature!

Favorite quote
Oh wow, so many – I am quote queen and nearly always read them out in my classes! J One that I recently read out I really love:
“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings”