Rose Louey
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
I enjoy teaching a fluid, dance-affiliated style of sequencing. By experimenting with unusual postures and intelligent transitions, I hope to assist my students in switching off their auto- pilot and instead, finding a sense of grace and fluidity when moving mindfully with the breath. 

We so often tune out of our physical body while guessing at sequential postures.  I like to observe how the mind adapts to new information; and how our bodies respond to the unfamiliar. I encourage students to find space between postures, allowing for our bodies to artfully move into these shapes and therefore gradually and naturally finding our mindset return to the present moment. 

I come from a Visual Arts and Classical dance background, which gives me the confidence to experiment in Yoga Asana. Creativity is often born of spontaneity, and my aim is for you to feel able to express yourselves in a safe and controlled way.  In taking this skill set off the mat, there is incredible potential to find both compassion and stillness in the everyday.  

About Me
I am a real mix of different interests and passions. What I can tell from this; is although they may seem contradictory to one another, they in fact form one another and allow for balance in my life.
I practice Yoga in some form, every day because it truly anchors me in my every day life experiences. I am finding a new humility and grace in weaving my way through life’s lessons and for that I am truly grateful for my vocation.
Alongside yoga, my biggest charge in life is to be creative and my true love is making art- especially painting. I like to fill my days off with finding and watching fantastic film (anything dark and magical realism), listening to podcasts, drawing and when I am being completely indulgent and ultimately lazy- perusing ebay for rare Japanese or Belgian threads.  Other than that I am waiting patiently for my baby girl to be born. 

Guilty Pleasure?
Nothing is guilty really- it’s a choice and most of the time, a pleasurable one! I enjoy taking a day off physically on a Sunday and going to my favourite local café ‘Pietro et Paulo’, an old schoolhouse in South Melbourne where they serve the most incredible but simple Italian breakfasts. Simply the coconut Panacotta or the Bruschetta that just goes over the top with in season tomatoes and olive oil.  

Favourite Destination?
For romance and whimsy- take me to Firenze, Italia! Such beauty in the Boboli gardens and you can find secrets everywhere; from seeing the home of Gallileo Galilei to viewing the wondrously morbid anatomy museum. I have a secret love for 18th century costume and this is the place to find antique threads for sure. I happily settle for the Australian coast when I need to find respite from the world- there is nothing like hiding down in Aireys Inlet with a car boot of good books. 

Favourite Song?
I can’t pick one! The varied genres seem a bit alarming but it is so dependent on what mood I am in. I love ‘What you Isn’t’, Brian Jonestown Massacre- that’s some real deep soul vibes. ‘These Days’ by Nico is a beauty because for no real reason at all it reminds me of the baby in my belly. I could cry to ‘My Sweet Lord’ by George Harrison- it is my happy place. I would get up and dance to ‘Age of Consent’ by New Order in a heartbeat..and let me do one more! The story behind ‘Diamonds and Rust’, Joan Baez triggers me every time. I love some classics, but I am absolutely partial to some heavy hip hop or something fairly abstract and contemporary. I could pick the playlist to my life right now but not the song.