Rose Louey
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
I enjoy teaching a fluid, dance-affiliated style of sequencing. By experimenting with unusual postures and intelligent transitions, I hope to assist my students in switching off their auto- pilot and instead, finding a sense of grace and fluidity when moving mindfully with the breath. 

We so often tune out of our physical body while guessing at sequential postures.  I like to observe how the mind adapts to new information; and how our bodies respond to the unfamiliar. I encourage students to find space between postures, allowing for our bodies to artfully move into these shapes and therefore gradually and naturally finding our mindset return to the present moment. 

I come from a Visual Arts and Classical dance background, which gives me the confidence to experiment in Yoga Asana. Creativity is often born of spontaneity, and my aim is for you to feel able to express yourselves in a safe and controlled way.  In taking this skill set off the mat, there is incredible potential to find both compassion and stillness in the everyday.  

About Me
I am a real mix of a few different passions, backgrounds and interests. Often they seem contradictory. For example, my deep love for Japanese fashion may lie at odds with my non- interest in sportswear, my enjoying a glass of whiskey or strong coffee over a green juice, or perhaps for the people that know me to be a generally sunny person being surprised at the dark fantasy themes of my drawings and genre choice in film.  What I’ve learned through this is that whilst my passions may seem contradictory they in fact inform each other and allow for balance in my life.  

I practice Yoga, in some form, every day because it truly anchors me in my every day life experiences. It is the judgments I put aside when contemplating others and myself, it is the compassion I show myself when I hesitate over my art and, the calmness I find during the stormier days.

I also like doing what feels like dancing to me in my pyjama shorts on a daily basis. I also like to teach it, I am a Leo, which suggests to some that I enjoy leading. 

Guilty Pleasure?
Devouring way more than the suggested portion size of dark chocolate- daily. Otherwise, you can find me with a whisky and mates, which is not so guilty, but definitely a pleasure.
Favourite Destination?
I have a deep love for Japan and I find a soul stirring happiness in Kyoto.  This is the first year in a while that I won’t be going to Japan, and although I’ll miss it, I’ve chosen to drive down to the coast instead. Being in love by the sea with good food, a naughty dog and some fantastic novels.
Favourite song?
I love the romance of ‘Playground Love’ by Air, or ‘Talk Show Host’ by Radiohead as all time classic favorites and sweet- sad memories. But lately, weekend ‘Bo Diddley’ Blues, ‘Mulatu  Astatke’ Jazz, or lately- totally loving ‘The kinks’.  Its no secret to my best pals that I have been listening to way too much of ‘The Bee Gees’- and loving it.