Peter Cohen
Teaching Crew

My teaching Style:
I have been teaching yoga, spirituality and meditation since 1999 and I love to empower and inspire my students to learn how to self-embrace the embodied spiritual experience we call life. We breathe deeply, we move from the heart, and we relax deeply; all while following the traditional practice of yoga given in the yoga sutras of Patanjali.
I like to remind my students that Yoga is your direct participation in life already given to you. It’s not a search. It’s not to use the body or to use the mind to try to get somewhere; as if you're not somewhere already. As if you’re not already the full-blown wonder of life. You cannot find a spiritual experience, because you are already having one. Any effort to find spirituality creates a layer of mental activity on top of this life. So, an authentic yoga experience is one of absorption. It is like a sigh of relief. It is a letting go. A deep surrender into appreciating that the beauty and wonder of life-reality has arrived. In you, as you. Spirit-consciousness is already here right now.

About Me:
I started practicing yoga to compliment my Buddhist meditation practice, to alleviate chronic pain, and to heal my asthma.
I was inspired to continue because it was so helpful to me. My biggest healing came in the form of loving profound connections; with other people; but particularly with myself. Through a loving surrender into gratitude for all that life had given me I learnt to truly feel and embrace that I am already perfectly here... and so is everyone else.
My training for the last 7 years is as the assistant trainer to Mark Whitwell during his international yoga teacher trainings in Fiji and Australia. Before that I studied with Nicky Knoff Yoga for 7 years, becoming the first senior-certified male teacher in Australia. Earlier I lived for 4 years with Tibetan Lama Urgyen Yeshe Ozer who asked me to teach Tibetan Yoga to the public after demonstrating a strong commitment to the traditional tantra. Before that I was in India, seeking other yogis and inspired by the 1970’s Kundalini Yoga classes of Nirvair Khalsa and Gurmukh.
My experience has given me the tools to guide a vast diversity of wonderful people into their own experience of yoga and into developing their personal practice, so that they may practice yoga for themselves… actually and naturally.