Olivier Chan
Teaching Crew

About Me:  
I was born on Reunion Island and moved to Australia in 2004 after I finished high school. I worked in hospitality for many years before I finished university and started working in finance. In 2011 I went on a detox retreat to Phuket, this where I discovered Yoga for the first time. Back in Perth my friend Laura started teaching yoga, she got me hooked and when I moved to Melbourne I had to find a studio and happened to come across Humming Puppy! I practiced at the studio for about 18 months before I decided to leave my job as an accountant to become a teacher myself.
Yoga means a lot to me, at first I only saw the physical aspect of it, without realizing it, I kept practicing and slowly noticed a positive shift in my mental health. It taught me self-love and self-respect but also how to deal with challenges when I am off the mat.

What to expect from a class with me:  
My classes are based on a Vinyasa Krama, postures come in time and for a specific purpose throughout a practice.
I am here to guide my students and want them to explore their practise, so I give them options. We all have different bodies so what feels good to one might not necessarily feel good to others.

Person who most inspires you?   
It might sound cliché but my dad is the one I look up to, he gave me great foundations in life but also freedom and support in my decisions. 

When I’m not teaching Yoga, you’ll find me…   
Doing my own practice at home, in the kitchen preparing meals, or on the sofa with my cat. 

Favorite quote? 
“Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.”
~ Albert Schweitzer