Melissa Mai
Studio Manager & Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
I don’t care about how you look; all I care about is how you feel. Grounded, connected, alive and free. A breath centred practise, with a focus on naturalness and grace. Passionate about how we can use the breath to heal, calm and energise. I often bring meditation into my classes, and I like to chant :) 

About Me
I took my first Yoga class for the pure intention to stretch out my body after all my gym training. Little did I know, I was signing up for far more than a deep stretch. In time, I begun to soften and open in body, mind and heart. What a beautiful gift. I decided to pack up my bags and head to India where I studied Sivananda Yoga in Kerala with Swami Govindananda. Yoga completely changed my life. It’s all about how I feel -  Alive, worthy and expansive. It is my method of living in the present moment and being intimate with myself. It has taught me to love and accept who I am today, and love others the same. My goal in this life, is to live in a way that’s true to my heart…peacefully and powerfully. To guide others in embracing life, and loving exactly who they are today, not who they hope to be tomorrow.


Most recent breakthrough?
To change my mindset on the mat. I used to practise to try to better my postures. Each time I stepped on the mat I was hoping to be more flexible, stronger, better at ‘yoga’. Now I practise for the experience, for the joy of moving and breathing and living in the present moment.  

Favourite Quote?
“It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive. To forgive everybody” – Maya Angelou. 

Favourite Asana?