Kristy DaSilva
Teaching Crew

My Teaching Style
If you don’t know where your glutes are then you will after a class with me! 
Classes are alignment focused but we aren’t attached to looking perfect. Our practice is vinyasa inspired, breathe centric, have plenty of adjustments and of course we end with everyone’s favourite, sivasana. I want you to work at your own pace and encourage you to trust and listen to the intuitive part of yourself. I love experimenting with cool things like pranayama, kriyas and playful but thoughtful sequencing. I have a soft and feminine approach to the practice, reflective of my personality. My intention is that the student always feels better after class than before they walked in.

About Me
Movement has been a huge part of my life. Growing up I always looked forward to gymnastics practice and then moved into competitive running.

When things got tough I had a tendency to run away from my problems, abandoning even those things I loved most. In my early 20’s I could no longer run a chronic anxiety disorder and found meditation and yoga. Some days I still want to run but I have now cultivated focus and awareness through these practices that help me to find centre and courage in myself to face what life has thrown at me.


Guilty Pleasure? 
I have a soft spot for wine and rosé is always my first choice.

Favorite Destination?
Anywhere with a beautiful beach. One of my favourites is Freedom beach in Thailand. A short boat ride from Patong and you’re away from the craziness of the mainland on a near deserted part of the Island that is so so beautiful and calm.

Favorite yoga posture/asana? 
I could hang out with forehead resting to feet in baddha konasana all day. I love the internal quality the head to feet brings to this posture. It’s as if the padding of the feet was made as the perfect little pillow to let the head rest snuggly and allow any worries melt away.