Hamford McDonald
Teaching Crew

My teaching Style
The methodology I’ve adopted in my teaching is premised on the idea of creating an inquiry-based learning experience, encouraging students to explore the body, and movement as a somatic laboratory of sorts. With this inquiry-based approach, the principal objective is to provide students with a blueprint for optimal movement on and off the mat through increased somatic awareness, and whole-body functionality, empowering them with the tools to trust themselves. Expect fusion-style Vinyasa sequences, that emphasise breath-movement integration, and core-stability aiming to cultivate equilibrium between dynamism and fluidity in asanas. And always with a sense of humour. 

About Me
I haphazardly ventured into yoga while training for a marathon in 2004, hoping it would help combat against episodically recurring shin-splint injuries that that were derailing the consistency of my training regimen. Suffice it to say that it was a horrendously unforgettable experience as my hamstrings and hips were woefully ill-equipped to speak the language of Asana. Bolstered by the need for redemption of my wounded ego, I began to regularly attend classes, and in May of 2010, during a brief hiatus from my career as a Hip-Hop recording artist, this lifelong transformation was ignited as I completed my 200- hour teacher training at the Joschi Yoga Institute back home in New York City. Subsequently, since expatriating to Australia I’ve completed a various range of additional trainings, from Pilates, Yin yoga, Barre Attack, Origins of Alignment, Core yoga, Mindfulness, and Advanced Yoga Anatomy and Physiotherapy of which I’m still currently enrolled. In my ever-evolving role as student, teacher, and facilitator my underlying aim to share the gift of yoga as a fun, and infinitely inspiring journey into unlocking our full potential, and enhancing our sense of well-being, through optimal health and mindfulness.

Favourite Quote
“Sacrifice is the soul of Greatness.” Author unknown. I was introduced, and to some degree indoctrinated by this quote during a brief stint as a amateur boxer in my freshman year of college. My trainers were of the Muhameed Ali lineage, devout muslims, vegetarian, and resolutely committed to an ascetic lifestyle. Hence, while training for a bout, no alcohol, drugs, sex, and a metronome-like regimen of sleep, healthy diet, training, and rest. Not the dream life of 18-year old college student.

Guilty Pleasure 
Shopping, retail therapy…”if only it were covered by health insurance.”

Aims or goals for the future
Simple. To maximise my talent, potential as an instructor, facilitator or yoga as a life path, by continually refining, enhancing, evolving the quality of my offering to students.

Most memorable yoga experience
Finally, after my first few years of practicing, getting my extended leg in a Downdog Split closer to that desired vertical axis. Second would be getting Mermaid pose, which gave credence to the old adage of “anything’s possible” with time and due diligence.