Erin Docherty
Teaching Crew

About Me:  
I am a space holder. I create a safe container for you to explore the raw, vulnerable parts of yourself without judgement. I strongly believe you have the power to self-heal. With my gentle nature, I encourage you to enquire into those deeper (even darker) aspects of yourself that you avoid, so that transformation can occur.
I have practiced Meditation and studied with the Aura-Soma® Institute of Accredited Colour Therapy since 2010. After graduating from my Yoga Teacher Training, I have supported and worked with students recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, those effected by stroke, athletes looking to prevent injury, students managing aggressive arthritis, those challenged by anxiety, Meditation groups and students who are new to Yoga. I've completed my Yin Yoga Teacher Training and have found a love for stillness and deep listening in my daily Meditation practice.  
I continue to explore my edges and look to increase my awareness, learning to let go and create beautiful classes just for my students. 
My teaching style:  
My style is deceivingly strong, although my nature is gentle – I’ve even been called the ‘Asana Assassin’ because I’ve taken people by surprise. I’ll take you on a journey, flowing between postures with long enough holds to feel into the shape and explore all aspects of your Self in the pose.
My Yin and Meditation style will encourage you to find Peace in the stillness and quiet. Something we don’t often experience and find the most challenging.
I’ll be there to hold space for you with no judgment to experience what you need to in the moment.

Favorite yoga posture/asana?
Camatkarasana (wild thing) – expect this in my classes!

Pose that you hope is possible in this lifetime?  
Being completely comfortable in any backbend! 

Guilty Pleasure?
I always feel guilty about McDonalds! It’s so naughty!!